New collection green marble in 2023

Shangrila Green Marble is a captivating and exotic natural stone, known for its enchanting green hues and striking veining patterns. 


Enchanting Green Tones: Shangrila Green Marble boasts a mesmerizing range of green tones, from deep emerald and forest green to lighter shades with subtle variations, reminiscent of lush landscapes.


Exotic Beauty:  the exotic beauty of Shangrila Green Marble, which evokes a sense of mystery and adventure, as if transporting you to a far-off paradise.


Unique Veining: The stone's dramatic veining patterns, which flow gracefully through the marble, adding depth and character to its appearance.


Sophistication and Luxury: Shangrila Green Marble exudes sophistication and luxury, making it an excellent choice for elevating the elegance of any interior.

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